8 Akh'ava Taravakarrabi

This one has accomplished much of nothing.....


Akh’ava Taravakarrabi is a strange one. He is an alchemical expert who was raised in a family of traders. Akh’ava Taravakarrabi, or Akabi for short wasn’t the best for trading. He simply lacked the personality for merchant work but he was good at other things. Akabi was fascinated by potions from a young age, never mind the “potions” were actually skooma, he was still ingtrigued with how they were created and the personal touch each bottle has. His father, Inigo told him that every item of nature, even a single grain of sand has magical qualities. This thought fascinated him, and he started brewing with a mortar and pestle that his mother owned. His first potion was a simple health potion. Then he had a wild plan. His brother, the better merchant told him about a contact he met in Morrowind. He was told that this, Moviris Sadras had all the ingredients you could hope for, and that Akabi should seek him out immeidetly.

Akabi completely ignored this and left for Skyrim. On his way north he had a mishap, he was creating nessecary brews and potions for the next day when he had an idea. A version of skooma that could bring the drinker to a more focused state, lowering the high of skooma. He has a mini skooma crafting station that he “borrowed” from a Zenithar priest in Hammerfell.He used his alchemy skills to brew and when he sipped his creation…..nothing. He felt nothing, not focused not a high but, sober. He smoked some skooma to forget his failure and again……nothing. Akabi has not high even in the slightest. He had made a terrible toxin with a grave effect. A poison that made someone numb to the effects of skooma.

Akabi finally reached the College of Winterhold. He told the Arch mage about his plan and the Arch Mage shook their head. “It’s impossible.” Akabi looked ears down. “I was a fool to think I could visit the sands beyond the stars….” The Arch Mage looked at the Khajiit, “If you wish to stay here for the night, we have a room available.” He took the room and before he knew it, he was in the Arcaneum looking through books about alchemical ingredients. He had hoped he could find a reverse potion to his curse, but nothing like this had been seen before. Now he stays in the college, poring over pages, making friends and even learning to cope with his condition.

8 Akh'ava Taravakarrabi

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