3 Athcan Varcta


Athcan Varcta is a very curious and interesting Redguard. When he was young, He was hated by alot of people. He got bullied and made fun of by his family and shunned by his own father and mother, making it hard for him to trust people. As he grew up, he became a strong and quiet man, fearing that if he said anything to any of his people that they would hate him again. when he was older, he left his family and town to learn a very powerful skill : Sword- Singer. This would allow him to use his swords as a deadly weapon, making it faster and stronger than anyone has seen. He would be able to kill anyone with ease and barely lift a finger. He stayed away learning this skill for 12 years, when he thought he was good enough to protect his family and town and his people from any harm that comes their way.

When he came back to his town, it was in ruins. His family and the people he cared about were all over the streets, dead. He didnt know how long theyve been dead for. He went running around town, screaming his friends and family names, only to realize he was the only one left in his town. He became stricken with grief, strife, rage, and hatred. He vowed that he would get revenge on whoever did this to his home. At that moment, he screamed and power welled up from inside him and exploded outwards, making his swords cut everything to shreds around him, leaving a perfect circle of shredded bodies and houses and trees around him. he fell over and passed out.

When he woke up, he found himself lying in a bed in an unknown house. He got up and left immediately, not realizing there was someone else with him who wanted to help him calm his mind. He ran to every town he could, trying to figure out who or what killed his town so he can get revenge. People called him The Blood Sword. He killed in anger and rage cause he was getting nowhere. Till finally, the gentle man who found him caught up to him told him he could help ease his mind and get stronger and calmer and focus on helping instead of killing. He didnt agree at first, but then finally he did. He calmed his mind, making it one with his soul and sword helping all who needed him. Still, to this day, the thought of who destroyed his town stayed at the back of his mind…..

3 Athcan Varcta

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