Z1Dead Corellius, Knight of Mercy

Kind and calm crusader and hunter, turned leader-of-men.


Corellius is a Colovian Imperial, 6’0 and reserved, training in magicks and blade equally, as his days a Spellsword and a Crusader enabled him to survive the assault of many a beast. He has tired, but understanding eyes, and is normally seen wearing the Exquisite steel plate armor of The Knights of Stendarr.


Corellius traveled the lands of men fighting the beasts that the same men could not themselves. He fought Lycans, Vampires, Lesser Daedra, and more. He does not speak with people adequately on a personal level, but he is one of the finest leaders in terms of bringing courage to his men. He was the leader of one of two platoons that joined The Swamp-Champions and fought the army of undead forces, even entering The Deadlands for a few seconds.

He later came upon The Profound Marked in The Arena, The Trial, and joined them in hunting down the corruption, and the vampires, in the Imperial City.

When all Hope is Demolished, and Mercy Dies.

Z1Dead Corellius, Knight of Mercy

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