Daia Vanos

Hunter of beasts turned hunter of daedra


Product of strange parentage, she stands a tall 5’5, and commands a Dai-Katana like another limb, but wields all weapons imaginable with grace and exactitude.


What is known is that Daia used to hunt beasts, and seemingly left Valenwood, seeking to redeem herself in the eyes of her mother. She will not speak of her mother, or any of her family, except with favored weapons, confiding them in your vital organs.
She went with The Shadow-Blessed and aided in the vanquishing of Sorex and his master, the master of all Shadow magicks. It was here that she changed herself, or moreso, swapped the past version of herself for a different one, one that had made her tribe, and her mother, proud.

Daia Vanos

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