Delysaurus E. Hawking III

Its not my fault!


Delysaurus Essendale Hawking III, or Del for short, is very good looking Breton with dark, thick and wavy hair and piercing dark green eyes. His dark beard is kept close cropped or shaven, but never allowed to be long. His stature is average for a Breton male, his eyes quick and perceptive, his hands nimble, and his mind sharp. However, it is his driven mind and confidence that stands out to any who get to know him for more than a single meeting.

He walks with a grace and supreme confidence that is only strengthened when he speaks in his rich deep voice. When talking in a party he can be seen to change from personalities as he moves from one group to another, always either entertaining or controversial, but never boring.


He grew up in High Rock. He was loyal to his family, but they were ruined by business interests in Daggerfall that were connected to a Thieves guild faction similar to the Morag Tong. This thieves’ guild faction did not balk at killing and took jobs frequently that should have belonged to the Dark Brotherhood. No one knew how or why the Dark brotherhood was mollified. Why didn’t they take out this faction? Who knew?

His father spoke out against this injustice publicly and called on the guards, knights, temples to stop this. He was killed in a dark night encounter staged to look like a monster attack. The planted evidence was so fake even the investigators commented on it, but the people in charge accepted it and closed the case.

Del took it upon himself for revenge / justice, but took the long view. He joined the other part of the thieves guild and gradually moved up in the chain, always subtly pushing the guild to take out this killer competition. Eventually though he learned the “faction” was a front and the thieves guild leadership was complicit in all the killings.

He had grown feelings of loyalty to these thieves but he felt he had no choice but to turn on them. He hatched a plot to bring down the whole guild, but leave an out for them if they threw the “killers” to the “wolves” or the law as it were.

He felt good that the guild took this route, but sorrow that all his associates knew him as a traitor now and some of those he would not have seen handed over to the law were. Still all the killers were caught and he made sure he attended the executions.

Del left Daggerfall and traveled High Rock joining different thieves guild in small towns as that was all he knew how to do. They each at some point noticed his skills at going undercover and pushed him to do this. He always ended up feeling some sympathy if not loyalty for the group he joined undercover. At times he was forced to choose but he instead sought a solution that brought about some good for each side, even if it ended badly for himself personally.

His divided loyalties forced him to move on multiple times, from town to town until he ran into the bandit clan ran by the Orc warrior. He joined quickly, led by his instincts. And that led to bad things. He left with the Moth Priest and ended up in the Capital city of the empire.

There he witnessed personally, inches from his own person, the Pentius Oculatus stop an assassins’ attack. When he learned the attack was stopped by an undercover agent, he knew he had found his place and applied to join them immediately.

Back in Daggerfall his mother still lives. In the Daggerfall thieves guild he still has a friend, Phillipes, who watches out for his mother. Del will send money to both of them when he can. In the High Rock countryside there was a Redguard hermit, Rasier who helped him, and they had become fast friends. With him, Del always had a place to go when things got too rough or dangerous.

In the small towns he still has a few contacts but they are not very close. In Sentinel, the last town he was at before joining the bandit clan, he was on trusting terms with two; a thief named Aladean and a guard named James who secretly works for the guild.

His loyalties are strong to the Pentius, but he also feels loyalties to The Profound Marked. With this group he has traveled Dwarven ruins, swamps, Morrowind and started a rebellion (but we wont talk about that, will we!).

Excerpts from Del’s Journal
In one location in or near Morrowind, (I wont say where) we ran across some Empire Guards accosting and physically abusing an old man, and I intervened. I threatened them with being put on report and lectured them on honor, how they represent the honor of the entire empire. I implored the set the standard for their fellow Legionaries. What is this Empire coming to?

Recently, we even went to Oblivion (Only partially, they tell me. I dont want to know what fully on a plane of Oblivion feels like), where I lost my soul, but I dont want to talk about that. Now we are headed to the Arcane University in the Imperial Capital, to save my soul.

The Capital city. Its beauty is so contrasted by the horror I see every time I blink my eyes. I don’t know how Cal and the others who also lost their souls do it. I feel on the verge of insanity every waking moment. Thank Akatosh or Dibella or even Sanguine for strong ale. Without it couldn’t sleep, and I would be dead. Again I dont know how the others deal with it.
Im going to ask my friends and contacts about some herbs for sleeping.

The arrival in the city was blur, but my foolish friends wanted to fight in the Arena… THE ARENA! I mean are you kidding me? Luckily, with some mysterious and suspicious assistance from a Dunmer named Vel, they manage to survive. I, meanwhile had to explain myself to the Pentius Occulaus and my old Kajeit trainer. It did not go well. I am on serious probation and am questioning my allegiance to them. The thing that saved my life I think was the Ebony staying in the Empire’s hands without bloodshed. I thought fast on that one, perhaps because I made a concerted effort to not Blink. Whatever you do, dont blink, do not even blink, blink and your dead. Still, some things were said that go against my ideal of a honorable order of the Empire. We shall see.
They did threaten my Mother, so of course, I immediately sent word to Phillipes to get her out of town and perhaps to hide with Rasier for a while.

Later we “saved” a pretty peasant woman from partying with Vampires, didn’t really need saving, but her sister’s gratitude felt good. I needed that.

When it turned out Nexius had been arrested and was being put on trial, I pulled out the stops on any contacts I had to help prove him not to be a traitor. I wonder to why did I go to such efforts for someone the Pentius says was a traitor? After some meditation, I realized I wont blindly follow the Pentiuts and I knew that they were wrong. The Empire needs more people like Nexius. I didn’t sleep that night as I didn’t want to cloud my judgement with Ale, but that was the wrong call. When I was in the house with Ninian, gathering clues, I could NOT think straight and kept failing at simple tasks, every blink of my eyes shattering my concentration. Took minutes to figure out a simple door lever and I walked right into an obvious back [side] stab.

Then I got myself banned from a Temple. Yeah. Still sleep deprived, unfocused and now turning into a Vampire I was out of mind when got to a temple for healing. I got carried away with my gratitude for being healed and was thrown out. (These imps are so uptight compared to Bretons). I was ecstatic for a time though, as not only was the Vampire bite cured, I swear, after their spell, as a side effect, my closed eye visions of horror were gone!
Well, for at least 5 minutes anyway. It was an amazing respite!

Anyway, it worked, we got Nexius freed, with the assistance of that gorgeous red haired genius, Ciri. [Ive got to talk to her alone, over drinks sometime] I was so relieved to have Nexius back, I even joined him in a philosophical discussion though I normally dont care about that stuff.

Then Vel Velcame back into the picture. I have no idea why I trusted him. I never should have, but I was taking cues from everyone else in the party. His insistence that Vampires has taken over parts of the 3rd Legion did match with rumors and somewhat supported by the Praefect Vampire’s logbook, but this plan to have the Legion attack itself was horse dung and I should have seen it. I should have closed my eyes and thought it through carefully, but well , I CANT CLOSE MY EYES AND CONCENTRATE.

I will write down my part in bringing about the disaster, though not the disaster itself as that is too painful even to write. I was to go to the part of the Legion that was the least likely to have Vampire as I was going alone, but carrying a magical escape.

However, apparently our information was wrong (in more ways than one) or we mixed up our directions. I arrived, knocked off my horse and held at spear point, at the Legate’s camp. Legate Aquias already knew about the Vampires being undetectable and possibly being in control of the Legion. I was instantly afraid for my life and I thought if he knew, he must be one of them.

He said they had called this meeting of the Legion to decide what to do about the Vampires in the city, in the ELDER COUNCIL. That they may decide to take the city. I was now in a bad spot, I was in no position to determine if he was a Vampire or not. I tried to think it through, but I could not, the vision just behind my eyes were unusually terrible at that moment.

I decided that either way, I merely had to convince him to be prepared for battle so they were not caught unaware and annihilated by a Vampire controlled section of the legion, and if he was Vampire at least he was not attacking. I was able to convince him of that, but was haunted by doubts and fears if this was the right thing. I planned to immediately head back to confer with the others, but the Legate would not allow it.

I wont write about the horrors of the destructive battle but I will say that battle mages need to be on a leash. The destructive powers they wield should be tightly controlled by their commanders. Perhaps it would have been different. I knew before the first blow had been struck, the idea, the plan to have the Legion fight each other to enable us to root out Vampires was beyond stupid. Even if there had been Vampires to find, it would not be worth the price. I dont know why I did not see it clearly from the start, but its not my fault.

Still I felt responsible, so in a moment of grief and weakness I swore to follow Legate Aquias, my life is forfeit and in his hands. Ive also Now I have sworn off the Pentius, sworn to kill those responsible for this deliberately false information.

Now back in the city, we took direction from Vel again. Why you might ask, oh wise reader? I have no answer for you. Perhaps I can blame the torture behind my eyes again, or the grief from the legion, or just some misguided instinctual liking for Vel, but we still did not see his hand behind this.

Vel came to us and gave us the information that High Chancellor Motierre was to be assassinated by the Vampyum. We raced to warn him, but all we did was set ourselves up as the most likely suspects when Vel killed him. When some of us chased Vel, all we did was appear guilty. I used my abilities to sneak out of the city, swearing revenge on Vel with every step. Ive , sworn to catch Vel, whose plan, we realize now, it was to have the legion fight itself. Not all of us made it out of the city alive. We lost Cal and Corellius

Del wrote the eulogy for Calesse Thilinus.

We chased Vel across many miles and saw many strange sites; a city taken over by Akaviri from across the ocean, Vel performing a evil ritual, a Khajiit caravan demand our service, and world of Dreams. Or should I say, nightmares.

In those dreams, I fell in love, not the passionate kind, but as a father for a daughter, for this little sad girl. A girl it turned out to be an old women, who had no life really. Vel’s daughter. Heartbreaking was their story, and my heart did break. It awoke a buried desire in my heart to have children of my own. It also revealed that Vel was a puppet of his evil, vampire wife-Lharzae. Some sort of “queen”. I still feel the pain of Charlie’s life and the pain of ending it, ending her suffering.

After we left the dream, with Vel, and ended up in an even stranger place, (a pile of corpses in a hidden tomb, in a castle above the entire planet!)

There I modified my sworn vengeance to this Queen, Vel’s wife, and added Charlie to the list of victims the revenge was to atone for.

Things happened here well beyond my capability to explain or understand. However, I am happy to write, Charlie, Chancellor Motierre and the 3rd legion were avenged!

Now, after restoring time, and restoring the life of everyone in Nirn, saving Sentinel from the Thalmore, making my mother rich, and holding conversations with a God (I told you I couldn’t explain it) we find our selves in the Empire capital again, in the Elder council, confronting the vampires there.

More revenge to take. After that? Assuming I still live, I need to go back home I think. Back to High Rock. I love Nexius, Ninian, Wier and the others, but I need something solid, down to earth after this experience. Just for a bit though. If Im every to reach for my new dream of sons and daughters, Im going to need to get my soul back, whatever the cost!

Delysaurus E. Hawking III

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