3 Onandaga Aquias

The sea is life; I cant see the sea anymore


Onandaga is a Sea elf warrior, who fights with short swords and fast moves. He has some minor magics as well to support him.


I (Onandaga) came from my distant land of my people, over the sea. Apparently Onandaga came to determine if the tales of the long hated Altmer’s unending assault upon the other nations of Tamriel were true. He found they are true, but their goals remain a mystery he needs to solve. I say “apparently” as I have no memory of this, but I will explain that later. Im told that as Onandaga traveled with the intent to go to Taneth in Hammerfall to witness the attack by the Altmer, Onandaga accidentally became wrapped up in a very dangerous encounter with a Master of Shadow magic.

The Shadow Master (apparently) successfully tempted Onondaga with the chance to change his history, to right two wrongs in his life created by bad choices. Unfortunately, it was a trick of sorts. The magic forced me to trade places with this other Onondaga who was the one that had been tempted. “Other Onandaga?” you say? Yes, the other one, not me.

I came from a different reality, one where I had made the correct choices that this other Onondaga wanted to change. The magic dragged me here and supposedly dropped him in my old reality to enjoy choices he did not make and leave me to suffer his bad choices.

At least that’s one explanation. I’d rather think of it as my memories were changed by this magic to believe I had lived the life with the right choices, but to also believe that the history / reality here was changed to the terrible outcome of bad choices. The pain caused by that certainly would entertain a few Dadra.

All the rest, my double, the portal, just tricks of light and illusion.

Still, living now with the loss has hardened me. So much so I ignored a wounded Argonian at the battle of Tanith where before I would have felt the need to assist him.

After witnessing the Taneth battle and the unbeatable Altmer warriors no weapon could harm, I barely escaped with my life. Forced to flee into the desert, I almost died multiple times. I still cannot remember why I entered the desert with the others I had joined with at the Battle of Taneth. I should have, would have, retreated into the sea, but it was likely the influence of the Dadrea Clavicus VIle who the party eventually met in the desert. Despite his tricks, we lived, or most of us did and found ourselves out of the desert.

After the retreat we went to the Crown of Hammerfell, and on the way he met the hidden Sword Singers and their dead Master. I felt strongly drawn to this teaching, but couldn’t understand why.

We could find no one willing to help against the Unbeatable Altmer “Ghost” warriors and debated on what to do next. I refused to go make a last stand for Hammerfell without any hope of success. Why would I?

We returned to Skaven and I began training with the Sword Singers. However it was too little too late. As the Altmer forces continued to conquer the Forebearer portion of Hammerfell, it was only 2 weeks later that they neared Skaven.

As we were forced to flee Skaven in advance of the Altmer forces I promised my Sword Singer Master that I would travel with the other Sword Singers and continue to train and follow the Way of the Sword Singer. We left for Cyrodill.

3 Onandaga Aquias

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