6 Elwin Korus

Glass... no, paper mache cannon. Fire cannon. Effective.




When Elwin was young he wasn’t the brightest of his group of friends. He was awfully clumsy and he fell from a tree while playing with his childhood friends. He landed on his head sending him into a coma for a week. When he awoke, he thought and spoke like a mystic. However, those that could not understand what he spoke of angered him and he murders them for he believes that fools are a waste of flesh and aren’t worth saving in the end.

Elwin wishes to be wise for knowledge is power and power will crush the weak minded. He does believe that the young should not be killed but be taught the ways of the wise and cast out the fools

He does have one person in his life that he’d do anything for: Ismaire Kroth. She was his lover and outclassed him in casting and intelligence so that’s what added fuel to his desire for power. They would frequently travel—and even adventure—together, but Elwin’s headstrong nature led him to leave Ismaire behind once, when she got very sick of a magical disease. When he returned, eager to see her, she was gone. Although believing in views somewhat similar to the (public) views of the Thalmor, he has ever since harbored a bitter resentment for them. They could have been the ones to make Ismaire disappear, and possibly die. Elwin then decided to never begin to care for a person or form attachments, especially to those of heartbeat-long lifespans.

6 Elwin Korus

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