6 Eredin Sandelli

Come get your enchanted pitchforks here! Shoots as much lightning as you could need for a rebellion!


Dear, Eredin

I hope this gets to you, I know it can be hard for you to get letters on Alinor. I just wanted to let you know that I’m doing okay. The Dommies are here and it’s not getting much better. I hope we can be together forever some day, we took those vows so we wouldn’t have to deal with this. I know you can’t just leave your shop behind but your a master enchanter! You can always start off better here. I have a place to stay in case you change your mind. Man…I can still see your cute smile every time I write to you. Please be safe, I know how much your mother’s shop means to you, I haven’t forgotten her you know. I honestly think she’s a hero for what she said about the Timler, they are wrong in this and I think they deserve all the bad that’s coming their way. But again, I’m here safe in GIammershell, and I’m ready for you to come home.

Your husband, Vorrnil Sandelli

6 Eredin Sandelli

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