Queen Lorelei Barenziah

Fiercely diplomatic, aggressively progressive, and kindly manipulative


Lorelei is 5’6, and more beautiful than many believe can be non-magical. She panders to the Imperial Throne, the Elder Council, and just about anyone that can solidify power for her position, and take it from the five Great Houses, capitalizing on the power vacuum left by the Nerevarine/Hortator.


Lorelei is the great-granddaughter of Queen Barenziah, and grand-niece to King Helseth, the first King of Morrowind who decided that the Imperial figurehead should carve more power for himself. With much spying and manipulation, this line of kings has done just that, even subverting the original treaty bringing Morrowind into the Third Empire, and allowing the Vigilants and Knights into the province, where they destroy as much Daedra worship as possible, destroying Dunmer culture. The Telvanni have stated that if a single foreigner steps upon the grounds of their last remaining Great Library, their skeleton will be too obliterated to raise as a zombie to fight any other aggressors. This obviously didn’t help.

After the events of The Dinner Party, she was left to Moviris Sadras, Dravis Indoril, and the rest of the rebel cells.

She disappeared for quite a while, later turning up a year later to join the Elder Council with Moviris Sadras, representing Morrowind as diplomats as combined loyalists and separatists, held together with their old old history (father and daughter smfh).

Queen Lorelei Barenziah

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