Moviris Sadras

Helpful, funny, attractive, and friendly as Dibella.


Moviris is 5’10, tall, for the Dunmer average, bright-eyed man. He always looks at people with a sense of intrigue and charm about him, and will subtly get on the positive side of every party in every engagement. He wears the traditional Indoril fancy garb while speaking with Morrowind parties, but is more often wearing the Imperial-inspired, Sadras-make soft white and red travelling cloak.


Not much has been asked about Moviris’ past, but he is not very open with many things except the tasks at hand. He is eager to help his homeland, although seemingly spending more time abroad trading with the EEC. He also knows more than the average merchant, shown by how he understood The Dragonborn being soul trapped inside The Seditioner’s Amulet.

What is known is that Moviris despises destiny and the idea that things are outside of mortal’s grasp. And soul trapping. Don’t talk to him about soul trapping.

He seems to confide in The Profound Marked group, although not possessing a Mark himself. Almost all memories of him personally have been wiped, save a few restored by the Dwemer Memory Toners. What remains are as follows:
The party met him in pieces, agreeing to join him on a mission to Agatvar, a Dwemer ruin, in search of something. The visions either did not say what this was, or Moviris didn’t. He seemed to understand the important of an Elder Scroll upon meeting Content Not Found: nexius, and the group seemed to travel to an Ancestor Glade to help Nexius read the Scroll and know The Prophecy.

He has helped The Profound Marked repeatedly, with storing the difficult Elder Scroll of Nexius’ safely, to paying for the expensive robes they needed for the Dinner Party.



You might call him an N’wah. He was born in Anvil, though has long since dropped the accent, the details of his early life are kept private but he has clearly been working with the EEC in, or in trade deals for, Morrowind, for many years.

Moviris had ascended to a power position in Morrowind, with the death of Casimir Soro, and now even advises Hortator Zarénan, of the Redoran army. Resourceful as ever, he seems to have only one contact left in Cyrodiil, Seriatus Silver. The Marked do not know how far back this relationship goes.

He knows Wadarsho as well, and this relationship, too, seems to have existed for a very long time. They both believe in Azura, and with Jubal Sul becoming Azura’s Champion with these two involved, it might bear looking into.

While drunk in Dragonfires, he let slip that he was around four-hundred years old.

Moviris Sadras

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