Ninian Redoran

Talk to me when you've killed a Dragonborn. (Formerly; Siltless in Seattle)


Wears this.


Brutal and emotionless was her lifestyle. She killed without hesitation, for that was the life she chose when she joined the Morag Tong. She accepted contracts on nobles and other head figures. She happened upon a group of adventures and used them to obtain an unrefined incarnate of Goldbrand and the Seditioner’s Amulet, at the cost of her kin’s life, that later sealed the Last Dragonborn’s soul within the amulet. Sometime after that calamity, she found herself one of the few silt striders left in existence barely holding onto life. After she nursed it back to full health, he never left her side. They bonded and she named him Gnisis with the meaning of “a new beginning” which represented the impenetrable bond and ebony armor she got for him after collecting the contracts on the king’s head. She then helped the House of Redoran with the blood money, and was formally adopted into the family, and known as a hero.

The House of Redoran trained her in the ways of alchemy. She was almost a prodigy, quite possibly because she snorted vampiric dust and had a scarring incident of doing so, which causes her to freeze up when touched by it. The Redoran House sought to hold a great ball and ceremony in her honor, to show how they are using her donated 200,000 imperial drakes, but along the way she lost her memory. Just as all the other Marked. Waking up in Blackmarsh after some forgotten adventures with Moviris Sadras, ending up with the idiots she then had to travel with. However, there was this one individual in particular that caught Ninian’s eye. His name was Nexius Telvanni, a frail Nibenese, but he did wield an Elder Scroll, for he is a Moth Priest. She never realized such a gentle and kind man could be so powerful and courageous. She’s doesn’t quite know how she feels towards him, but she does admire him greatly, which has forced her to reflect on who she truly is. For now, she’ll remain in the shadows until the time is right to show who she might truly be, a gentle soul or a heartless killer.

Ninian Redoran

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