Killing himself, one curse at a time.


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Rain’s Hand, 9 2E 583- Nymaril Keep
Disease spreads across Cyrodiil. Nymaril, an Alyeid Mage. His family has succumbed to the Knahaten Flu and are now lying in bed to be healed. Nymaril takes the date to his advantage. He decided that in order to defeat a disease, you must find the source. Reproachfully he summons Peryite, and begs that he take away the disease that plagues his family.

“I can take the disease away in place for a blessing.. You just have to do one thing for me.”

Nymaril’s eyes widen. “No, the cost is too great, i wont do it.”

The Daedric Prince chuckles “Do this and they can walk in Meridia’s colored rooms forever in peace. You want that don’t you?”

Nym nodded softly" And I would be able to see them when I die right?"

“Yes…..when you die.” Peryite wielding a smirk on his face, his dragon teeth scaring Nym into submission.

Nymaril walks up to his wife Kaliah, laying, coughing, wheezing. “Did you find anything my love?”

“Yes” He says, a look of despair and regret glued to his face. “This is gonna be cold, but you’ll be safe after this I promise.” Nymaril begins to cast a Light Beam and the blade of light cuts through his wife’s chest and into her heart. Nym knew he had to do the same to his two children…

He goes to his two children, laying in bed crying “Daddy…I don’t feel good…” says Nymaril his son. “My head hurts…” add his daugther Cabella.

" I know babies, I know, but daddy has a way to fix that now." Tears flowing down Nymaril’s face. He casts another Light Beam on his son, turns to Cabella and……she’s looking at him in horror. Nymaril looks directly at her and says “I’m sorry….. I love you” and sends the Light towards his daughter. Before her death, her last words were “Why Daddy?” then a blade of light instantaneously decapitates her.

Walking to the dragon prince of tasks, Nymaril begs him “It’s done, now please, end my life so I may return to my family.”

Peryite, laughs histericly “FOOL, why would I kill you?! You no longer have the disease!”

Nymaril asks "W-what disease did I have?

“The one disease that all people, man or mer are plauged with, mortality” Bellows the Prince.

The Dragon Peryite then swoops around Nymaril Keep, destroying it, burning it till it is only a ruin, left to be looted by travelers to come.

And so begins the Legend “The Mer of Many Curses”


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