6 Quarle Qorwynn


Quarle is an older Altmer. His hair has turned white, from experience he likes to say. His stamina is far less than what it was and that is apparent in his walk. He still walks tall, the decades of military training too much a part of him to ever loose, he just doesn’t move as fast or skillfully. Still a strength remains in his trained body that is not apparent to the casual observer. His orange eyes remain strong, looking out of a winkled face with a commanding aspect in them. When he is trying to help or teach his look takes on a kind cast.

He wears extravagant heavy armor and take pride in his armor’s appearance. His shield is magical and carries an ebony mace that he keeps shiny, as it is his spell focus.


He grew up in a remote part of Summerset on a farm. When the Oblivion crisis happened he joined the army and fought the Daedra. They quickly discovered a talent for restoration and he was moved into the medic core.

Since his family farm had been destroyed and he had no one left, he stayed in the army and fought in many more conflicts in The First War with the Empire of Man. He took pride in how many lives he saved with his skills. Though, he was ostracized by many fellow elves due to his habit of healing fallen enemy prisoners.

He did make some friends though, and over the years began taking some of his fellow army members under his wing, giving them advice and offering help as a parent or other older family member would do. He remains in contact with many today (warriors: Sautar, Larethian, Corellian, Cyredalf. Other medics: Suarasara, Shana, Andil)

After the The First War with the Empire he hoped for some peace finally, but then the Thalmor started other conflicts. Quarle was not very political and didn’t pay much attention to who was running Sommerset, but after so much bloodshed and so many lost friends and fellows, he grew disillusioned with the Thalmor.

When the latest conflict started he felt he could no longer support it and left the army. The Magistrate council did not want to let him leave so he actually is branded a deserter, but many in his army unit know the truth – that he would help them personally anytime.

Despaired by his deserter status and the never ending warfare he decided to reach out to the resistance in hope that ending the Thalmor rule would end the wars.

Having escaped Crystal-Like-Law in the chaos following [[And the world waits.. | The Second]], he has been on the run, working as a ship-hand to covertly find his way from Alinor.

6 Quarle Qorwynn

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