7 Ravdyrin

Life doesn't have to be this bad, we can change it.


My name is Ravdyrin, and I hate Deadra. Yeah that’s right, a Dunmer who doesn’t like Deadra, we exist. I grew up on Solthstiem, a shitty little rock way north of Morrowind. My dad always taught me that just because something is tradition, doesn’t mean it’s right. He took that to his grave. I grew up learning how to hunt and how to get away fast, guess my dad wasn’t exactly the best influence. He taught me everything he knew from his Morag Tong experience, how to sneak, how to shoot a bow, all that fun stuff. But what you all want to hear is this, he died protecting me. He retired his life in the Morag Tong after mom died, said he’d never kill in the name of Deadra again. He never tells me anything, I just get to sit and listen.

“You said your father killed in the name of Deadra?”

Yeah, all Dunmer do, it’s our thing. “Three good Deadra” and yada yada. I don’t believe in any of that, it’s ruining Morrowind, not like you’d care. You Imps just want the ebony anyway, couldn’t care less am I right?

“Imperial business in Morrowind isn’t what were discussing. Now, why is it you don’t agree with the rest of your people’s belifes?”

Why don’t I agree with Hardening? Because it’s done nothing but make us suffer! Have you been to Morrowind latley? It’s been a shit show. Can someone get me some ale?

sigh Get her an ale please. Now, if you could let me see that bow, I’d like to see the weapon that nearly started a war with High Rock.”

Nah, not happening friend. This here is mine, and it’s been mine since I was a baby and it’ll stay mine until I’m dead. It’s not my fault that grimy little noble child thought he could take whatever he wanted.

“You didn’t have to threaten the poor child.”

What and you wouldn’t have don the same? Thank you ma’am this is good brew. That bow has been in my family for so long it has it’s own name.


Yeah, it’s called “I don’t have to tell stupid Imps anything I don’t wanna.” You like that? I thought so.

“Okay were done here, let her go. Yes. Yes I’m sure”

Thank you Del!

7 Ravdyrin

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