9 - Vanhalein

My fingers play well with all strings; bows, lutes, and hearts


This Bosmer bard (who has the picture of an Ayleid) is always seen with a beautiful bow over one shoulder and a beautiful instrument (mandolin or lute) over the other. He stands tall for a Bosmer, but very thin, reed thin. His armor is camouflaged to appear to be an entertainers outfit, as if he just stepped off the caravan. A dagger rests on his red sash belt, but he is never seen to draw it. His yellowish green eyes constantly dart around his area, always watching for prey or predator.

He pulls his long wavy hair into a ponytail, but cuts it loose whenever he does a formal show, as the flowing blond hair adds to his theatrical exhibition as he plays his lute or mandolin.


This Bard has left a trail of broken hearts behind him. There are certain women of all races and even a man or two that would welcome him back with open arms. His talent with music reaches even the hardest of hearts, even if only temporarily. This has led him into no end of trouble, and many, many little villages in Valenwood would not longer welcome him, at least not openly. He now intends to travel the whole breadth of Tamriel.

When the Bosmer joined with the Thalmor, he felt this was wrong, like two musics that play out of sync and don’t belong on the same stage. He started spreading that word via his songs and played with other musicians spreading the same word. Soon his named was on barred list published by the Thalmor. This didn’t deter him, but sometimes others would suffer for his rebelliousness and he felt guilty at that.

So, Skyrim, Cyrodiil, Morrowind, High Rock, Hammerfell and even Blackmarsh, prepare! You are in a for treat as he spreads his music, his love and his message across the known world.

9 - Vanhalein

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