Vurg-Shl Yelish 

Wanna go the The Battlespire, kids?


Vurg-Shl Yelish was born and raised in an orphanage in Cheydinhall. Although he was an Orc he favored the book over fighting. After spending a few years in the orphanage, he met Nexius, a small Nibenese Imperial who was also bookish and smart. The two became friends and had long discussions about Arkay, learning what they can from the Priest. While Nexius was more interested in The many Divines. Vurg was enveloped in the thought of summoning and conjuring. The two stayed friends till their late teen years when Vurg convinced Nexius to join him in leaving and visiting the Arcane University in the Imperial City. Vurg was much more daring than Nexius, and a lot smarter if you could believe it. The two spent some time at the University studying and practicing when Nexius joined the Cult of the Moth Priest. Vurg was sad to see his best friend go but he knew Nexius would be happy studying the scrolls. Vurg grew into the ranks of the University so much so he became the most eccentric teacher for the school of Conjuration. In an effort to bring more knowledge to his students he had, well, not the best idea….

In breaking the rather delicate portal to The Battlespire, where Battlemages are trained, even the Potentates for the position of Imperial Battlemage (Vurg was one of the 6-and-a-half, one was in training) are trained and housed. Most of The Battlemages made it back to Mundus safely, and the portal was lost… but not destroyed.

 Vurg-Shl Yelish 

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