The Assassins

The Assassins, with reports naming them as constituting:

  • A brutish orc with armor thicker than horses, angered over the sacking of the Third Orsinium, knocked unconscious by our hero, Rohlf.
  • A Alikr Forebear, high in the ranks and unstoppable in his rise to power, cut in twain by our hero, Rohlf.
  • The mastermind, a Dunmer Morag Tong assassin, master in the arts, who used foul necromantic poison. She left only her damaged and blood covered armor. (physically and symbolically abandoning the assassin life, although this is unknown.

The Assassins managed to infiltrate the grand theatrical display, put on for the signing of a treaty between the High-King of Skyrim, The Dragonborn, and the High-King of Hammerfell, Talib Al-Skaven. They then murdered Talib, managing horrifically to slip past trained Blades, a thousand-and-one Alikr warriors, and a dozen hungry Nords, The Dragonborn's personal guard, and friends. Somehow in the fight, The Dragonborn caught a hyper-poisonous dagger, and the foul Daedric magicks within caused his soul to be taken. The Archmagister of Hammerfell is not familliar with Oblivion magicks, and as Skyrim did not have an Archmagister, the matter was unsolvable.

Only the Morag Tong's blood soaked armor remained at the scene to point to Morrowind.

The Assassins

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