The Profound Marked

The Mark of the Profound, otherwise known as the Dwemer, was inscribed upon these people simultaneously, whether by Na-Rek, the Elder Scroll, The Prophecy, or some sense of destiny, only the gods know.

  • Nexius Telvanni, a Moth Priest and an adept at Alteration and Restoration.
  • Jancella Telvanni, a Spellsword and a specialist in fire. 
  • Delaryus Essendale Hawking III, an agent of the Penitus Oculalus and an expert at going undercover.
  • Ninian Redoran, a former member of the Morag Tong, a master of murder.
  • Content Not Found: snir, a Ka'Po'Tun, but an Anequina resistance fighter, favors the crossbow.
  • Sir Kael, a Ra Gada Knight of the Dragon. A Dervisher of light.
  • Taanaare Thilinus, younger of the exiled sisters, specializes in mysticism.
  • Calesse Thilinus, older of the exiled sisters, fought in the Great War, but has turned away.
  • Weer, an argonian with a family, and one of the original Marked. His family has been threatened but not harmed.


This mark was electrically burned into at least three places upon the bodies of this party, and they awoke with no memories. Using  The Dwemer Memory Toners, they managed to recover all their memories up until they entered Black Marsh. The group since has met A kind EEC merchant, and travelled to Kragenmoor. Here they decided to begin a 'seccession' from the Third Empire, under the Elder council. They convinced the Knights and Vigilants of Stendarr to leave the province en masse, with reports of a necromancer army, with a sload master, in the south. This was aided by Ninian formerly knowing the Knight of Mercy (or Knight-Paladin) leading the Morrowind Knights; Corellius, and appealing to it. Remaining was the Fourth Legion, and Queen Lorelei.



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The Profound Marked

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