The Swamp-Champions

The Swamp-Champions included:

  1. Knight of Mercy Corellius
  2. Dramse the Altmer possessing a Kothringi
  3. Daia Vanos the Bosmer, hunter-of-plains turned crusader after an encounter with a Daedric Shadow.
  4. Dulfain, a Knight of Stendarr
  5. Darius, a Vigilant of Stendarr
  6. Conflicting reports of some Khajiit..? (needs further documentation, were they knights?)
  7. A number of additional Knights and Vigilants, though less than half of the total force of the most elite survived.

Thirty-six could be transported quick enough to Black Marsh to attempt to stop Na-Rek, a sload necromancer, from Summoning Mehrunes Dagon for an audience, and recieving the Azuras Star. This was begat by two agents, one, Ninian of The Profound Marked, two, an unnamed agent that told of the Star's involvement, and asked for it returned to the Temples of Morrowind safely, although the Vigilants demanded it be destroyed or at least rendered non-functional, before handed over.

The group split to protect two towns, meeting Dramse and S'kain a milky silk khajiit, who helped them navigate the marsh. Finding a traitor in their midst, they hurried to Na-Rek post-haste, as he knew all about their coming and their plans. In a last ditch effort, Daia Vanos led a distraction force which the remaining crusaders charged Na-Rek. The books magic could not be destroyed and the Sigil Stone not identified until the portal was opened and Na-Rek killed. A dremora walked Nirn once more, with Azura's Star in his chest as armor. Through stunning feats of martial skill, Dramse and Dulfain managed to tear off the star, and Dramse ran with it, as behest of Dulfain, as the primary goal was accomplished, and Na-Rek killed as well. Corellius and Dulfain dueled with the impossibly skilled opponent, unable to even affect his skin under the Daedric Plate. Dramse threw the artifact in the woods and returned, showing his honor at last and risking himself for the good of the Knights and the people they were protecting, by returning. He used his enormous great mace to destroy the Sigil Stone the second Dulfain and Corellius managed to shove the Dremora to the other side of the portal, and they finally collapsed victorious.

The Swamp-Champions

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