The Profound Mark, the Elder Scrolls Story

And the world waits..

We're shaking the dragon just so, and so can you!

And the world waits..



The Profound Marked

Nexius Telvanni

Delysaurus Essendale Hawking III



The Second the World Waited



Written by "Scribe" Nu-Hatta, presented to the Elder Council by Vix Carengar, before modified and put into Empire-wide news circa Sun's Dawn, 4E252.







On The Marked

Morning Star, 4E 2521


(It should be noted that this is the opinion and perspective of the presenter, the Argonian Representative Canon Carengar. They in no way reflect the opinion of the Elder Council, or the Empire)


This is the fable of the marked ones.

From mud to ash, undead traps to burning sand, they never slowed.

On Oblivion, much they lost. In Cyrodiil, much more.

It is said they were to destroy the world. 

They did.

And they saved us all.


Now, The Marked began in vastly different occupations, before gathering deep in the Darkwood of north Black Marsh, it seems they lost former memories here. I, a romantic, like to think they bonded over this, as moth priests and assassins and freedom fighters never could. Running north, from Na'Rek, that necromancer business last year, they ended up in Morrowind.

I disagree with many of you on this. The nation of Morrowind was a wonderful and ubiquitous partnership, for many reasons more than trade, but it is not my place to say. The Marked were influenced by beatings of an old man, as i heard. The esteemed council should note, single displays such as this can do wonders to influence people. They are not affected by large scale politics, rather, what they see. They had some business here, with- (Vix looked rather concerned at Moviris Sadras, before seeming to change his mind) Casimir Soro, or at least feigned to. They used this and acquired an invitation, going to a meal with you… Content Not Found: lorelai. Now, you can tell this story more than I, for I was cowering before being handed a Scroll of Recall by The Marked's leader. Yes. He saved my life.

(Vix steps to the side here, making sure not to ever look directly at the Lady Barenziah. We must learn more of what happened truly at this dinner. Her voice is rather distracting. I swear she could take a Nord's steak at dinner by whispering about Guar dung very detailed)

The Marked. They are not evil, no, but they are a force of chaos, and need to be kept from Cyrodiil. (This starts an uproar, but it is quickly silenced by the High Councilor) This being said… these chosen ones have in fact been chosen by some variation of Akatosh. At dinner in my home, they fought their way through my guards, overturning a very fine meal, taking me up the stairs and bursting through dozens of trained legion soldiers, onto the back of an accursed Strider of the old men of Vvardenfel. 

None else recall this part, but it should be told. It happened to be the day of the summoning day for Boethiah, a day we Dunmer know well. A trained cult of skirmishers and violence surrounded the resistance cell as they decided how to best interrogate me with knives, and in chanting, they send the entire area to Attribution's Share itself. The thing was chaotic as Sheogorath's drunken parties. Multiple levels of platforms up to more Daedra, and we dueling one at a time in the middle. It seemed most of the groups died a nonfatal death, only their souls being affected. I know this as my left leg was sheared off by a Dremora. (The entire council was taken aback here as she lifted her quilted dress to show what looked almost as a dehydrated and black prune of a leg, before pouring an oil on it that seemed to make it disappear, illusion) Yes, I lost something there. 

What is important here, is that The Marked faced horrendous terrors, even a beast known as Hunger, and killed it. Cal of the Altmeri commanders of The Great War even died there, killing a beast, and sending us all home. The Marked might have been good people before this, but losing their souls, I believe turned them int- (That new Sadras East-Empire-Company man gave her a look and she quickly nodded and sat down. Vix took the stage again.

Uhm. Ah yes, their resolve was tested, and they came away stronger. This is common for a first trip into Morrowind. The Marked went from there, with the blessing of Azura, and a free Morrowind, through Cheydinhal, where we have confirmed reports of them saving at least half the populace, to the Imperial City. After meeting Vel, and competing in the Arena, they saved Nexius from wrongful imprisonment, as well as his family.

This is the.. touchy subject… and might well be the first report you hear on the subject of the Elder Council infiltrated. The new policy of several detection spells cast upon each member before entering this room should put us all at ease, Clavicus Vile's minions at least cannot reach us here. Either way, the guard and all of us were led to believe the Marked were malicious, and Motierre being killed by an agent of the Vampyrum was framed on them. Being chased out of town, they tracked Vel accross the continent, through Bravil, Rimmen, into the No-Quin-Al. Something happened there, and they went far, far away. They went through some sort of portal set up by Loreaine.

Now to the subject matter at hand. I believe you, Nu-Hatta, will appreciate the direction of this presentation. (Interesting.) I have spoken with Nexius himself, actually hugged him, and traded stories. I do believe he is a humble man, and will not exaggerate details. To be safe I cross referenced with Sir Kael, a trusted knight of the Empire.

They were flung through Mundus, their bones feeling shattered, bodies compressed to an ant, and just when they felt the end neigh, it didn't come. After a minute, they realized the portal was cut off early, they ended up misplaced. In a locked off area of The Battlespire, devoted to Papre's grave, the dragon mount of old Starlover, the records of such a scholar are prized nowadays, as they detail a time before the decline of the Empire. (Can't believe he admitted such a thing, no one speaks of the Empire declining. He is Argonian.)

It seems they allied with a Daedra named Vaqua-or at least thats all they could pronounce-and they used this Dremora General to cut through many a Thalmor with ease. This may have been the catalyst of the Thalmor using Daedra in the Second Invasion of Hammerfell. They are a respectful power, albeit a catastrophically dangerous one.  

Nexius went on for quite a while about a Mirror Logician he met-similar to a Mananaut he met later-and discussed Elder scrolls with him. I didn't believe this was relevant, until this Logician mentioned a war in Alinor, one which never ended. (Shit.) Nu-Hatta, I believe this worries you as well, but I do not truly see a solution, or fully understand the problem. If it is contained, I say; 'do not poke the Wamasu with a rod'. 

In the central dais of the Battlespire, prayed Lorraine. To Auri-El, I'd imagine. A rather unimportant bard had accompanied the Marked up until this point, actually since Morrowind. As it turns out, this bard's true name was Wulf. And as he saw Lorraine, he abandoned the Marked and sprinted for her, growing a foot and transforming into a large man, who was recognizable to all as Talos. The god. (The council sounded confused, as did I, and many, many people looked confused. No one worships Talos, just as no one worships the beggar on the street. What is Vix saying?) Talos and Lorraine did a sort of battle. Loreaine had some sort of dragon aspect that was her, as Talos always did. It scares me to think of Loreaine as a true divine, as well as possessing the same capabilities of Talos and Reman Cyrodiil, both described as draconic when they fought.

But the Thalmor are an insidious enemy, and they are always two hands ahead. They had an alliance with the Vampyrum you see, (more gasps, elder council members corrupt, AND allying with Thalmor? If you want to be kicked out, Vix, keep going…) to get something from the tomb of The Apprentice. The same Greatsword that hero used against Dagon on this same Battlespire, in that same room. It hurls almost every type of creature through planar barriers and all of space, to nothing less than the endless and infinite Void. The Sword of the Moon Reiver. A higher ranking Vampire had this sword, Vel's wife, actually, and somehow dived to Talos' avatar and impaled his thigh with it, and in a sort of horrendous scraping but also slurping sound, as described, the avatar and all its power and all its forms fighting all of Loreaine's were sucked into The Void. Vel threw her to the ground and began trying to hold her down, released from her domination.

Loreaine stood, and of all things, of all the vast power godhood allowed her, of all the spells to crush her enemies of ability to will any of the Marked from this plane…


Only a handful will believe me, here.


She began to dance. The Blood of Talos over her. If you remember, White-Gold used to have the same power as the tower the Battlespire was positioned above, after having moved from a space far above Nirn. Crystal-Like-Law was never destroyed, you see, only one of its nine components, and being rebuilt easily, the other eight acted as enhancers as the eight did for White-Gold. Dancing on this tower created Akatosh, Loreaine on that tower destroyed all worship of Talos. A partial way to show this is how the Skyrim's independence was written as based on the worship of their god, but the Nord's have no god that the Empire does not allow. 

You all do not know of Talos worship, because how it never happened, because it was destroyed retroactively. Loreaine next wished something worse, to replace Akatosh with Auri-El. I have no opinion on this matter, but it could cause a Dragon Break that would last thousands of years. Del was paralyzed. Nexius prayed to Akatosh, and attempted to understand Akatosh's current pain as the Dragon began to break, from all worship of Talos never having been. 

Now, something I skipped over, thats rather important, but sensitive, The Dragonborn you all should remember, but don't, was not only killed, but soul trapped in an amulet, one of Boethiah. The Seditioner's Amulet. It, in all truth, acted as a shoddier and incomplete version of the Amulet of Kings did in the First Era. Stolen from Del by an Altmer General that has since become High Commander of the Altmer (another damn title) and thrown to Loreaine, she had the connection to Akatosh and Auri-El through the amulet and her own blood. Seconds of the dance before the dragon was "double-broken."

In a moment of heroics, as Nexius pleaded for a way to assist Akatosh with his broken mind, Del saw the futility of the situation and tore himself from the paralysis. Throwing a dagger to destroy the amulet, freeing the Dragonborn, Loreaine was shut off from the power, allowing Weer to finally grip the Sword of the Moon Reiver, an act of revenge against all the genocide of his people, of his family, and his friends in the Marked, and cleaved Loreaine in twain, sending her to The Void.

Now, the Dragon Broke. This is fact, although not all know it. The reason for this is that The Marked had a destiny. Ever since the mysterious Dwemer mark appeared, they were chosen. Chosen because it changed its subjects once or twice. They spoke to a Mananaut (something not done in thousands of years) and it even helped, and flew them in a Mothship to where they needed to go. You see, as all time was happening at once and all possible times were existent, The Mark isolated them to one. This Break would not be allowed. As they touched anyone, out of what they described as "people splitting in two repeatedly until they were but shades of full realities and timelines," and effectively choosing one reality as the correct one. 


As towers fall; Stones shattered

As Aka-Tusk lies dormant; Lork-El arises

As Eras cascade; the dragon falters…

The Mark of the Profound shall show the way.

And so they did.


Towers fell, White-Gold, Crystal-Like-Law, even Solitude was sacked (Ha Vix.), and after that, half of Morrowind was destroyed. Xarxes' backside, even the Telvanni towers were and are filled with snake-men! Stones too! Both of the elements of Aka have been dormant for an Era, and Akatosh is believed to have been weakened, even made silent since the Crisis. Eras cascading and the dragon faltering clearly lead to the Dragon Break, but perhaps they lead to a certain Letter I know you have all discussed in detail. Nonetheless, the Marked were fated to lead the way. In old Elnophex, way was synonymous with when. They will show the correct when, the true timeline. The one we are.

Over an entire year of un-time, they traveled every single city and town of all of Tamriel, on foot or by ship or by Mothship, and touched each and every living individual, before the Jills froze them in time, piecing the puzzle together. They fixed time, and then went to Oblivion and farther and bloody met with Auri-El and tried to understand what was happening in Aetherius. They destroyed the world as the prophecy said, did they not? For every decision, two worlds were made, and they destroyed the other, for ours. Or perhaps we were all recombined, or we were chosen as the prime. This is for Mananauts to discuss, but the facts laid bare, The Marked are Heroes.


And when time wasn't, they showed the way.






4E 251, Evening Star 25th, 9:03PM. Elder Council Chambers, Imperial City.


The Long year of the Second.


The Queen Lorelai was asleep, in another Elder Council meeting. Moviris wondered if she was only fit for living as a ruler, not ruling as a living. Councilor Jaro was defending his decision to recall every Imperial Legion home after this winter, as they'd been away a while, and the growing aggression of the Dominion required it. 

After a strange flash of light, and a few seconds more of conversation, he drifted off. Moviris' hand was immediately on his left-hand hidden weapon, as although Jaro's speech was mind-numbingly dreary, he was aware enough to notice a Moth priest appear to his right, and an Argonian Knight appear to his left.

Moviris read a note somehow tied to his absolutely invisible sword, from Nexius himself, placed between the seconds. "Ah Telvanni. This is an unexpected pleasure… Nice of you to-ahem-appear."

Twenty-four gladii were drawn, twenty-four Golden Guard closed in. The council collectively were near panicked at the blood soaked and dirt caked sights before them, each of them possessing the terrible, prophetical Mark. Moviris looked Nexius in his golden-flecked eyes, lit by the sun setting over the Dragon Teeth. "Perhaps we should take this outside," then, in a whisper; "We know the situation here…"

Nexius of Cheydinhal and the house Telvanni had but two things to say, to him and the entire Elder Council. "Half of you are of the Vampyrum order and aren't leaving as anything but corpses. Also, we need Ciri to fuck the resurrected Dragonborn and make a baby. Auri-El said so."


Auri-El said so guys

And the world waits..

I had screamed and demanded Weir to kill Vel’s wife and he decapitated her. I yelled, “For the 3rd Legion!”


The first thing Nexius said to Morviris was , “We fixed time. You are welcome”

Also, “… the Thalmor using Daedra in the Second Invasion of Hammerfell”???? Whaaat?

One more thing—-*
The moment when we spoke to the Mananaut and the Marked finally realized why they were Marked, why the marks were glowing and what the prophesy meant, Nexius stood and quoted the prophesy to everyone: It was one of those dramatic moments in a story or movie where the soundtrack rises, realization dawns on you, a rush of blood fills your head, a chill comes over you and goose bumps form. It was amazing.

And the world waits..
Thuynder Thuynder

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