The Profound Mark, the Elder Scrolls Story

The Arena, The Trial




The Profound Marked

Ninian Redoran

Nexius Telvanni

Delysaurus Essendale Hawking III





<report filed to REDACTED, Evening Star 13th, 4E 250>


I am Vel. Dunmer. Ashlander. Exile.


Peradventure the last Ashlander, the last of the old ways, the last of the Velothi culture. The days of Morrowind are over. So be it. 

I scribe this to inform of why I do what I do. Prophet Veloth taught the Chimer many things. He foretold the coming of GHARTOK PADHOME. He brought us to Resadyn. He taught us honor and life away from the lying, coveting, charlatans of Aldmer.

It was this honor that led me to the Marked. I care not what this mark means. Yet still it begets more danger than many a fiend on old Vvardenfell. Shown as such when the small, blond nord, swinging an axe and bellowing a scream of "freeing the soul of all true power." The girl. In the Tong. She stopped his swing, I stopped his breathing. I would have went on, I had shown, but they desired my company.

And so I joined them. I am sorry.

In the night, a man with a blade from a Daedric Realm went upon Nexius, cutting his face. I do not possess the knowledge of why. Perhaps the nymics, perhaps Dagon simply wishes death upon the Marked. I do not wish this end upon them, but I believe it will come to pass. Such is the fate of all things, decreed as and of Mephala.

When the Marked ventured into the Grand Arena, I was required. They tell me I saved the life of Cal, Ninian. I do not believe it as so. Their lives continue, perhaps destiny, perhaps luck, but I cannot accept their gratitude. Ninian's aim with her dagger is unholy, astounding, and a skill that should be noted. In case we ever do fight.

After the trial, I told Cal of how I tracked the Legate of the Third Legion. How we have discovered his vampirism. We plan to force his Legion to fight itself, while we kill him. Kill corruption, kill resistance. Save the city, as the idealist would say. I do not trust her. I do not trust Cal. I do not trust the Marked. There are too many rumors and vile secrets in the city of Gilded Towers.


The ending of the words is BETRAYAL.




<Knight of Mercy Corellius' personal log, as required of all Knights of Stendarr and Vigilants of Stendarr, as to assist those who find your corpse if you shall fail in your quest>


On Evening Star 8th, they found me again. In the market of all places! Three times gives us luck, perhaps we shall uncover the mysteries of this city. They spoke of many issues, such as Nexius' family being tried for treason, a disappearing Redguard woman who could be dead, and the Mark itself. We stayed in a beautiful Inn that night and fended off a Daedra worshipper.

On Evening Star 9th, Nexius was imprisoned by the Gold Guard, although we would not know of this for a few days. Del met with the Oculatus, I believe, and he did not seem pleased with it. Cal, Ninian, and I went on a quest to find the missing Redguard woman named Ri Taka. It was a strange mission, as we found her drunk and partying in the Elven Gardens. She was a beggar, therefore her rich jewelry and clothing immediately made us suspicious. Cal noticed the miniscule details of vampire bites on her neck, and a broken potion bottle among the broken beer bottles. Ninian, an alchemist, verified it as Cure Disease. She had given her blood to a vampire for a thousand gold. Cal immediately moved to defend them, which I respect, yet as we later realized, even these benign vampires have dark aspirations.

On Evening Star 10th, the Marked fought in the Arena. Foolishly. They fought fallen Blades, purposeless without the Dragonborn. Pity he died, I heard he despised undead. I gathered information on vampires and learned of a strain of Cyrodillic vampires, who made a deal with Clavicus Vile. They do not look any different than men, except when starving. Silver even has little effect on them. Very grim tidings.

On Evening Star 11th, we finally heard of the trial of Nexius, and his family. Naturally we all went and allied with him, fighting the Praefect Varexia and her court. It was true, Morrowind has been greatuly abused, and both nations prospered greatly, when separate. I attested to Nexius' pure heart and character. I pulled my holy sword and thrust it into the Imperial seal, proclaiming that if a man with as good intentions as Nexius Telvanni is guilty, then I will put up my blade. The Empire would not be worth fighting for, the Daedra will have corrupted the hearts of too many. This was in fact, denied, as treason was treason, regardless of the validity of our statements regarding the mistreatment of Dunmer. Nexius did kidnap Queen Lorelei with the other rebels. The Mark aside. Ciri sent by Moviris, managed to manipulate the corrupt council into a stalemate. Such an unfair trial, Nexius being guilty until proven innocent, was not legal in the Empire, not for a proper citizen. As such, they would have to proclaim to the people that not every citizen gets a fair trial, causing much unrest, or give Nexius temporary freedom and time to build a real argument. I believe it was rather impressive, the way she could use words to save lives rather than a blade.



<Ciri's account>

"No, Movs, I'm busy saving a cat from the gallows" Ciri had already taken two contracts this month, Moviris was asking a lot. How many people could he possibly need saving? Was this even ethical?

"Looks like another innocent will die, as you're the only contact I have left in the Empire. They sort of distaste me now. Hope they get over it, dark clouds arising and all."

Ciri knew Moviris was manipulating her, she had grown accustomed to his games, somewhat. Yet, he was right, few men or mer in The Third Empire care to step in the way of the Elder Council. Even to save a life. "Did they steal a noble's daughter? Assassinate the wrong man? Or does the damned Council simply wish to extend its indomitable arm again, and crush and who would oppose them in their ranks?"

There was a sigh from Moviris, rather distorted too, as even the Telvanni could not relay messages for long, over such distances, without interruptions. "About that. You see, they're good people at heart, and they truly care about the downtrodden, having each been one themselves. I, for one, attest to their devotion to freedom, same as you. Same as Jorviel. "

"Low, Sadras. Salting wounds that have already healed. I did notice you avoided the question, those tricks won't get you far in a true nobleman's court".

"Very well. They may or may not have been forcibly named in a prophecy as the potential destroyers of the world. And then started a cold war in Morrowind, kidnapped the queen, and sent me to Mournhold here to treat for secession" He paused. "They saved a man, helped him start a brewery."

"Dibella's ass, Movs. Throw me in Red Mountain, it'll be quicker."

Despite her reluctance, Moviris knew, of course, that she would help the Marked. Ciri was noble, defending those who could not do so themselves. Ever since Jorviel, and her parents. He admires that in her. Almost wishes he was that dependable. Never could sit still long enough to keep those he loved safe.

Nonetheless, Moviris went to the Hortator, as obviously he needs assistance in leading, and Ciri went to the Marked. 




<note sent to The Marked by way of dark elf child, with boots of speed>



Final notes, a collection of new rumors:


Loreaine is a new god, in the Altmer pantheon. 

Tee-Len's missing Redguard friend, later turned out to be willingly missing.

Vampires in Cyrodiil.

Nords after the party?

Mehrunes Razor used by a Dagon agent on Nexius?

AKATOSH EXTREMELY DISPLEASED. He abandoned the Snow Elves as Auri-El, who became the Falmer. He abandoned the Ayleids, who became extinct. He may abandon the Empire next, after all, his chosen line of Emperors has been destroyed.

Battlespire's trans-liminal bridges "upset"

The Apprentice's tomb has been located and is being delved

A weapon called the Broadsword of the Moon Reiver is being searched for, by the Dagon agent.

Knights of Stendarr in town.

Strange dealings between the Third Legate and some governing members of the Empire. Possibly more.

The Azura's Star was sought by Na-Rek for whatever reason, and now it lies broken in the old Tribunal Temple in Mournhold. Probably.


Comment what you think ties all these rumors (or at least the majority) together. Seriously you get xp if you do.


The Vampires want Akatosh to abandon the Empire and are planning ways to make it happen.

Can Mehrunes Razor test for Cyrodillic vampires?

The Arena, The Trial

Was fun fighting with you all again! Hope you guys fare well, certainly better than I have.

The Arena, The Trial
Thuynder Thuynder

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