The Profound Mark, the Elder Scrolls Story

The Third Battle of Cheydinhal

Fighting on the home-front.

The Third Battle of Cheydinhal




The Profound Marked

Nexius Telvanni

Delysaurus Essendale Hawking III



Ninian Redoran






<Imperial Report to Seventh Centurion Davis Avira, Second Cohort, Third Legion>


29th of Sun's Dusk, 4E 250

          Seventh Centurion, Sir,

          My report of the Third Battle of Cheydinhal may perhaps conflict with those of others in our Century. You see, Sir, while various Daedra began operating, my tent was around the river bridge. As my tent collectively attests, the Daedra seemed disoriented and even confused at appearing here. This correlates with many other attacks throughout Cyrodiil, and similar to those in the other northwestern provinces. We saw a unique Daedroth, one possessing arachnid traits, though with seven heads all frothing at the mouth with lava, our Decanus believed it was from The Deadlands, as lava and horrific things tend to come from there. Others might say other planes, but I have no opinion, as I have no input on this matter. What I saw was a Daedra not in control of it's power, who began burning down the river bridge. After we made a tactical withdrawal, we began fighting the multitude of Scamps, and then we saw them. 

         Coming over the barren trees, through the bitter cold, came was appeared to be a black, reflective Silt Strider. My tent faltered and admittedly, we made some mistakes, but our Shadow Immune, my Second Decanus, and I, survived the multitude of scamps, at least a dozen. We marched forward, coming to this new threat of whatever was atop the Strider. We believed it was malevolent. 

          We were wrong.


          From a rope ladder, came a duelist with a Dwemer sword, who charged into the Telvanni manor desperate to find and save someone, an argonian with plated mail, a Breton spellsword, and a Dunmer archer. They searched the manor and then emerged at the perfect time, more exemplary tactics from my Second Decanus, and we surrounded a Clannefear, beating it down and down until the spellsword hacked off a rear leg, and its blood loss forced it's heart to beat no more. My Second Decanus was lying unconscious, therefore our Shadow Legionaire remained to heal his wounds, and those spontaneous heroes and I charged towards the Chapel to Arkay.

          In my old school in Leyawiin, they taught us briefly of the Daedric Princes, mainly their spheres and how to recognize the dealings of each… and to run away from them. A Daedroth is normally in service to Molag Bal, the Prince of (this is variable, depends who you ask) Domination. Bal despises Arkay, the Knights of Stendarr preach that he created the powerful vampires, and their lords, to spite Arkay, who believes all things have their time, and should live, and die. Therefore, his servant, the terrible, terrible Daedroth, was besieging the Chapel towards Arkay. I was prepared to leave such an impossible fight, multiple Legionnaires lied dead, incinerated, at it's feet. Yet in spite of this, these inexplicable heroes charged the damn beast.

          I thought it was the end, when it turned, and let loose a roar that shook us to our very souls. One of this group even turned and ran, understandably, as this roar was coupled with what I can only describe as a torrent of lava, which melted my tower shield, and crippled many of us. I was truthfully ready to run, fight a battle which was not absolutely hopeless, even though you and most of the Century were inside the Chapel. Still, they fought on. The argonian let loose a cry, and charged the beast, and as the spellsword gathered up energy, he let loose a green tinted blast that even knocked the foul thing down. I, with a quick prayer to Stendarr, followed them.

          We were fighting a losing battle, I tried to shield the argonian guerilla knight with my remains of a shield, but he didn't know how to fight to take advantage of this. Fortuitously, a woman, you probably had seen her, came sprinting extremely fast, summoning a bloody Daedric Chestplate and Shortsword, and she knew how to fight. Together, her and I felled the great beast, it's every action negated by our onslaught. It was only after this that I recognized her Dominion armor, but I did not care much, as the war was of our ancestors, and any savior of our town is a ally of mine.


          I did not see them much the rest of the rebuilding process, but I heard that they had left, two days since the battle. I do not agree with those in the Seventh Century that this group should be reported to the Pentius Oculatus (even though it is likely they already know and have a profile on them, they are spies), as even though there was seeming a Dominion soldier in their group, to Cheydinhal, they are heroes.

          That is all, sir.


          Long live The Empire!


                    -Respectfully, Rykus Darfora, Imperial Private, Seventh Century, Third Legion







<acquired by Del at Harm's Folly as The Profound Marked venture towards the Imperial City, from a Pentius Oculatus secure stash of recent reports and findings, which are used to spread word to all agents, undercover or sleeping, he checked after hearing how Nexius' family has been arrested on the charges of treason and plotting against the Elder Council, which has become another focus of the party>


My home……. I can’t believe we managed to save it. I’ll follow us marked, now until the end of Nirn
-Nexius Altruis Telvanni

The Third Battle of Cheydinhal
Thuynder Thuynder

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