Calesse Thilinus  

I've seen death, kid, enough death.


Her soul, in her death, is upon Attribution’s Share. Snake Mount. Boethiah’s plane(t) of Oblivion.
Del wrote the eulogy


How it all started.

I was born under the sign of the lord into the house of Thilinus. After years of military training and my early years of exploring into the world of magic and conjuration. Eventually binding two lesser daedra into a sword and chest piece. My mother and father, both trained me into being the best protector i could for Taanannare, My beloved sister. We spent our early years side by side. Inseparable. Where ever i trained, she was there watching me train, whenever she ran off to go on one of her little adventures into the woods near our house, i was there to watch and protect her. We had each other’s back, that was till i turned 18.

Joining the army

My father presented me with his shield, he was a warrior like me. He passed on his shield, and thus his legacy. I joined the military and was sent into combat in the war against hammerfall. Quickly i rose from shitty front line grunt, with every kill, every comrade saved brought me closer to commander. But not every battle was a victory, one battle went south particularly fast. My troop collum met in open combat with a larger group of imps being sent on a counter attack after a close defeat. We were desperate, putting our lives on the line again. All i could think of was home, even as commander Palleet blew the war horn i thought of home Taan and how her studies were going. It had been awhile since i wrote home. Without even thinking i donned my armor and sword, pulling them from oblivion. Put something was wrong, my sword resisted, the daedra inside tried to wrench itself free. I banished it back, wouldn’t be the first time i would be going into battle without a sword, i would just have to take one from the cold, dead, corpse of an imp.
Sticking close to my allies, we charged. I ran shield first into a brooding man with a two handed axe. He swung, but a deft perry left him open and before i could do anything a sword was plunged through his exposed chest. My friends had my back, we fought on. We were winning, we pushed them back into a full retreat, those imps ran with their tails between their legs up a hill and down the other side. Palleet shouted from atop his horse, “CHARGE!” So with a rallying cry we did.
But it was a trap. We crested the hill to see an army. Two columns of bowmen loosed enough arrows to hide the sun, and a small contingent of mages through balls of fire that exploded into fires all along the ridge. I saw brothers fall as the arrows rained down, one pierced my shield and pushed through into my arm. I winced at the pain, trying to retreat. Palleet called for a retreat, but before he could get the words out he was pierced through the chest by 3 arrows. I ran to him, his horse tried to rear up but I held its reins, swinging myself up with a deft move. Just like when i was a little girl back home when Taan and i used to ride StarSinger, our families horse. “EVERYONE, Retreat!” I shouted, they looked to me and they followed. We ran and ran back, I bandaged Palleet along the way and as we made it back to camp, bloodied and beaten again, I turned him over to the medics.

The FInal Straw

I was given a medal for my bravery and for taking charge in the heat of battle, and for saving Palleets life. With it I finally made it to commander. I was given a small squad of 12 soldiers.We trained well together and fought in small skirmishes on the outskirts of the bigger battles. When it came time to invade the imp city, after the constant back and forth, we were sent in and told to find the temples, smash every altar and break everything we could.
The city streets were a battle zone with skirmishes on every street. My team moved quickly through the streets and encountered very few actual resistance. Only two trained soldiers and they fell with ease. Civilians ran through our path, when my second in command, Jondis, raised her sword against a cowering man. But i stopped him. “We have our mission, we must not DITHER!” We moved on, To the temples. The temple to talos stood proudly in the middle, that __ creation. We ran through, raided through the temple finding anything that is of value. We took everything we could and retreated, our mission almost done.
Guilt started to pull at my heart as i thought of my sister, what would she think of me now, i’m doing this to protect my people but… it feels like this isn’t what she would want me to do. I pointed to the walls, “Bring it down. I commanded, showing down my feelings of remorse. Two of my squad cast Bolide. Chunks of the walls flew away and it started to crumble. Rocks peppered the ground and a man ran from the wreckage only to be crushed by a heavy wall piece.
My team looked to me for orders, our job done. We were supposed to join the fighting, or retreat if things were getting to bad. Since we were doing fine i ordered the 11 others to join the fighting, find commander Palleet and pass on a message. “When the road gets dark, family will be our light.”
As they left i turned to Jondis, “Jondis, you have been a good second. I must go. I want you to leave this place, with me or without. My last order to you. This is wrong. I’m going to my home, getting my sister, and fleeing. Will you follow my orders?”
“Yes Ma’am.” He nodded his head, than ran in the opposite direction of the the other troops. I grabbed his arm before he could go.
“If we meet again, I will not be your commander, but i will expect you to have changed, drop this needless violent streak. I want you to find me, eventually.” He nodded and i let him go. He disappeared into the crowds of people and i lost him from sight.”
I ran in another direction and disappeared, through the main gates. Gone from the war. Gone from that life, and onto my next.

  Calesse Thilinus  

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