Ferrus Brutush  

I'll slay them... and fillet them.


Ferrus is a Breton man. This much is true.
Height is 5’11".
Weight is 285 lbs.
Dark green eyes, mostly grayed out, usually apathetic and lifeless.
Both arms tattooed with full sleeves, one arm with Celtic and one with Viking symbols.
Wields a set of three throwing axes, and has skill with magic.
Has a black scar like a raised brand, circling the base of his neck, in the shape of a chain, left there by the Witch Queen’s curse.


Ferrus was born in White Haven, in the region of Rivenspire, of High Rock. As a child, he was raised by the Viking Queen of some Viking clan who had waged constant war on his people. He grew up a slave to the Queen, and understood that he was different and inferior to his contemporaries. Over time, the Queen became fond of him, and he gained rank among her slaves. Eventually, an unstable peace formed between the Bretons of White Haven and the Viking clan. The Queen needed native slaves of hers to be emissaries to the Havenites, and Ferrus was first among them. However, in returning to his native home, he discovers that the reason the Viking Queen took him in as a child was that her raiders had slaughtered his family, leaving him the sole survivor. This revelation changes him inside, and he begins to plot against the Viking Queen.
Years go by, and Ferrus gets closer to the Queen. Oddly, her appearance has barely changed in all the time that he has known her. Nobody else seems to know anything about it, as if their memories leave aside the assumption of her aging as humans do.
Rumors begin to spiral in the Viking ranks. Of Ferrus and the Bretons. Of Ferrus and the Queen. The Viking elites claim he spends a suspicious amount of time in her private chambers. Despite their advices, the Queen will not banish Ferrus under the general assumption of his espionage against the clan.
One cold night, several nosy Viking nobles snuck into the Queen’s chambers, under cloak and veil. Upon entering, they are horrified and enraged to find the young Ferrus, the Breton slave, in bed with the Queen. To spare her reputation, she turns on him, and revealing her true power as a witch, casts on him a curse of malaise and melancholy, and orders her nobles to bind him and cast him out. She could not bring herself to cut him down.
Ferrus, however, had other ideas. Filled with rage, he called down a storm of lighting on the entire Viking hold, setting most of the buildings on fire. The nobles and guards, stunned and confused, didn’t notice until too late as Ferrus advanced on his one time Queen and secret lover. With flashbacks of his butchered family coursing in his mind, he swung two hatchets, one in each hand, each in opposing direction, and chopped the Viking Witch Queen’s head clean off.
Ferrus fled the Viking hold, disappearing into the obscurity of night. As he traveled, news reached his ear of a new war between White Haven and the Viking clan, in response to the murder of the Viking Queen, by from treasonous slave. He cared not, however, if the whole of Tamriel lived or died, burned or froze, for the curse of the Witch Queen had left him numb to the raging schemes and foibles of men. His soul he gave to the road, as it was his only companion. He prayed someday that his curse could be lifted, and he could live again.

Died heroically, after shaking free of his curse, protecting his newfound allies. Through his efforts, Morrowind finally ousted the queen and declared independence.

  Ferrus Brutush  

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