Sir Kael

Honor above men.


Age: 30

Mother is Anodie, Redguard

Father is Rimaril, Altmer


I vow to serve the Dragon. I lay down my life, my gold, and my sacred honor for my King. His word is my order, my sword is his arm. Our lives are one.

From the time I was a child i was raised by the Knights of the Dragon, in Daggerfall, their last bastion. My mother was a whore and my father a monk; they could not raise me themselves. Despite being low-born, I have worked and fought for everything I now have; my black East-Cyrodiil horse, my title, and my skill as a Dervisher.

The Knights of the Dragon were an Imperial organization, but before that, Breton, the warriors protecting the city and royal family of Camlorn. The Abbey of the Dragon lies in Camlorn, and the Kings known as Scales of the Dragon. They fight with light and heroism. This was in the Second Era. As I know the knights, they are a honor-bound group of brothers, far too few, who protect and guard the interests of the Duke of Camlorn. The Duke has since grown wary of Imperial influence in his fourth of High Rock, and sought to discover if the rumors of corrupt and illegal practices in the Elder Council, the leaders.

I am a pragmatic man, the interests of many outweigh the interests of the few, even if those few are myself, and my loved ones. A man is not a hero if he simply fights evil at home, hence my journeys to the far southeast, now becoming one of The Marked.

The loss of the Third Legion

I did what I could, the blame does not lie on The Marked, nor on my company. We must do what we have the ability to, to counter this corruption and find the root of it, wherever that may lie.

The Fateful Vote

My Duke was correct. The Camlorn representative was being blackmailed, and was forced to name the Last Dragonborn a traitor. This representative later died, at the feet of Jubal. I must find this corruption and burn it with the holy light of the Dragon.

Sir Kael

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