The Last Dragonborn  

I am the Dragon of the North. Run, or face execution.


The Dragonborn was at least 8’10 and could shout away mountains, armies, kings, and gods.

The reality was closer to 6’6, but he did shout at each of the above, using the Thu’um to carve his will into the world, and fight for his people.


Too much to say about the unnamed Dragonborn, but thankfully much is public knowledge.
What is important is that the Elder Council absolutely refuses any beliefs that he is a true Dragonborn, and chosen by Akatosh. This would have lead to war, had the Dragonborn not just saved Skyrim from a prolonged war, after a prolonged war with the Dominion. Peace has lasted, and Skyrim was finally ready to sign a solid alliance with the ruling Crowns of Hammerfell.

This was foiled by The Assassins. The Dragonborn lied trapped within The Seditioner’s Amulet, and remained so, as least two months later. It is unknown what the best course of action could be.

Buried with Dawnbreaker and Wuthraad, his two favored weapons. (Witcher-like usage). Tomb next to a few other kings of great note, mote importantly Wuthraad’s honor-tomb, and the Underking’s.

  The Last Dragonborn  

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