Nexius Telvanni 

He's a good reader.


Sex: Male
Height: 5’10
Weight: 130
Age: 32
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Average



My name is Nexius, I was born with no last name. I’ve lived with Telvanni Dunmer in Cheydinhall for as long as I can remember. They adopted me into the Telvanni family. From a young age I experienced nightmares, visions of things that have not yet happened. Premonitions of the future, I went to the Arcane University in the Imperial City to research these dreams. I’ll be honest with you and say that I got distracted by the wonders on the Monomyth, Anu, and Padomay. After my inquires, I was approached by a moth priest, Guthbol, a Nord from the frozen lands of Skyrim. He took me to the Moth Priest level in the Imperial Library. I spent years training to read the Elder Scrolls, never leaving the library until a scroll killed Guthbol. I was the only one who could touch the scroll without suffering the same fate, two other priests died that terrible evening. I was sent to Black Marsh with two Imperial brothers to read this horrible scroll in an Ancestor Glade. It didn’t turn out so well.

Dinner Party—

I feel as if Moviris has been in more control over the situation then he lets on. The dinner party that he got us into was quite a mess, spies, traitors, poison. Yet Moviris seemed calm and collected as usual. I might discuss this with Cal and Del. I…snapped at NInian, I don’t remember what exactly I said. I felt as if I was not my own self. I felt my blood boil as if it were not mine. I hope Jancella does not hear of this, she would be disappointed in me. In happier terms, I managed to see a live Aylied, in person! It was quite a wonder, i wish we couldve met in better circumstances though. Fighting to the death in an arena is not the best way to meet people. Nevertheless it was astonishing to meet an Ayleid in person. Hopefully the mages at the College of Winterhold got my letter, this poor soul needs to be in Sovengarde.

Returning Home…

After we stopped by some shops and dithered around town a bit we finally decided on where our next destination should be. I convinced everyone to head toward the Imperial City for multiple reasons. For one our souls must be returned to us from Boethia’s realm, the Arcane University should be able to assist us with that, my childhood friend Vurg-Shl Yelish, specifically. He’s a master with Conjuration and should be able to help us regain our souls. Anyway once we crossed the border into Cyrodiil we saw smoke rising from what I remembered to be Cheydinhall. A traveller named Trantax Broia, who was later found to also possess the mark told us it was more Daedra! My home was being ransacked with Daedra! I immediately went to my childhood home and looked for my family and there was nothing to be found. I nearly died that day.

My Trial

In the way morning we reached the Imperial City. In all it’s gleaming glory. I had Immediately went to the Arcane University to seek out my old friend Vurg. Only to find out that he and my entire family had been taking prisoner! I went to go spend a night in the All-Saints Inn, and after a short rest I woke up to me being attacked! The city is not what it used to be let me tell you. Once my identity was discovered, I was unjust-fully imprisoned and taken to the Imperial prison. I met with Vurg and Guthbol and told them of how the people are mistaken and that I am no symbol of the end, but that the mark of the profound shall guide tamriel and her people. To what I am not certain, for the elder scrolls are mysterious in their ways. I stayed in the prison for at least 48 hours until it was my time to stand trial. I was happy to see my family but also saddend to see the condition they were in. I pray to Akatosh that Jancella is safe in Telvanni Isles. I was able to state my defense and convince most that I am no doombringer, but I was still labled a traitor to the Empire. That is until a beautiful woman named Ciri was sent to my defense by Moviris, that Mer can accomplish alsmost anything it seems. Now I await more days till my trial is to be done properly….

 Nexius Telvanni 

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