Ashlands are not suitable for life. This is why we lived there.


A Dunmer aged 270, old, yet fit. He is 5’10, and extremely agile and strong. He has seen many things, more death than even a Dunmer should.

Yet he perseveres. Not optimistically, but nothing shall deter him.

“Each trial is just another stone sharpening the sword.”

He fights with his fists, once flying-kicking a Blades member to the floor and impaling them with their own katana in 15 seconds. He thinks nothing of it. See if the same tricks work on a soul-devourer on Vvardenfell.



None ask of Vel’s life.

Few would receive an answer.

Cal has. She has heard of how his family was decimated by vampires. This is why he has such a personal vendetta against them. He says he has encountered a similar strain of undetectable vampires in Blacklight, prior to being exiled from the Ashlands, and all of Morrowind.

A mer of few words. One who might be the last of the Ashlanders, or at least, the last known.

“I am not of the slaves who perish.”

Vel is a simple man, wearing Netch gray leathers and carrying not but a few keepsakes from Morrowind. An ebony ring, a glowing red rock.


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