List of books from Apocrypha

—-1book on Herma-Mora the bunny, tricking some of the ancient Nords into becoming Aldmer, before shor the fox kills him

--2book on nordic tales of king hrol (who became reman kinda what who said thath). King Hrol fucked a rock(the land) and nine months later the rock(sancre tor) had a baby on top. the baby was reman, with a red diamond inside his forehead. the red diamond. is worth noting that the land is known to be synonymous with alessia. 

--3book titled "hermaeus mora is omnipresent in his own plane, he is watching you now, yes even now as you read this title, and you should be afraid"

--4book about cooking in wartime using little to no ingredients

5book on daedric weaknesses, but it is covered in poisonous slime

—-6book detailing the first year of the last era. 5E1. the era that should have never been. reading takes willpower test or you start to go mad with paradoxes. Jubal read this book, and it told of an Emperor Silver.

--7book detailing prophecy, and how the only mortals with it are the psijiics and to an extent the moth priests, while a multitude of daedra have it. All that is, is recorded by Xarxes of the past. But now, Xarxes no longer serves Auri-El. Instead he serves Hermaeus-Mora.

--8“In the bygone-by, there was a hero named Trinimac, the greatest knight of the Ehlnofey, champion of the Dragon of Time. One fine day he betook himself to seek out Boethiah, the daedra prince, and chastise him for his misdeeds.
“But Boethiah knew Trinimac was coming, and he put on the appearance of an old woman and stood beside the trail.
“ ‘Good day, old woman,’ Trinimac said when he came along. ‘I’m in search of Prince Boethiah, to chastise him. Can you tell me where I might find the scoundrel?’
“ ‘I know not,’ the old woman told him, ‘but down the road is my younger brother, and he might know. I’ll gladly tell you where he is, if you will but scratch my back.’
“Trinimac agreed, but when he saw her back, it was covered in loathsome boils. Nevertheless, having said he would, he scratched the noisome sores.
“ ‘Thank you,’ she said. ‘You’ll find my brother on the road to your left at the next crossroads.’
“Trinimac went on his way. Boethiah scurried ahead by a shortcut and put on the appearance of an old man.
“ ‘Good day, old man,’ Trinimac said, on meeting him. ‘I saw your elder sister, and she said you might know the path to Prince Boethiah’s house.’
“ ‘I do not,’ the old man told him. ‘But my little sister knows. I’ll tell you where to find her if you will only wash my feet.’
“Trinimac agreed, but found the old man’s feet even more disgusting and smelly than the old woman’s back. Still, he had made a bargain. The old man told him where to find the younger sister, and again Trinimac went on—and again Boethiah went ahead, and put on the guise of a beautiful young woman.
“Now, Trinimac was dreading the meeting with the younger sister, fearing he would have to wash or scratch something even worse than he already had, but when he saw the beautiful girl, he felt better.
“ ‘I met your elder brother,’ he said, ‘and he told me you would know the way to the house of Prince Boethiah.’
“ ‘Indeed, I do,’ she declared. ‘And I will gladly tell you if you will but give me a kiss.’
“ ‘That I can do,’ Trinimac said, but as he leaned forward to kiss her, her mouth opened wide—so wide that his whole head went in, and Boethiah swallowed him in a single gulp.
“Then Boethiah took on Trinimac’s form, and made him burp and fart and say foolish things, until finally he squeezed out a great pile of dung, and that was what was left of Trinimac. The dung got up and slunk away in shame, a proud knight no longer. He became Prince Malacath, and all of those who loved him changed as well and became the orcs.”

--9book of the creation myths of various people, nordic and bosmeri and khajiti and argonian and ra gada make no sense, but the commonheld one is that lorkhan the trickster god or lunar god tricked or forced the other spirits to give power to mundus to create it.

--10book detailing your own life, the cover swirls with your name and you swear you hear it singing softly, how far do you read? Sir Kael read this book.

List of books from Apocrypha

The Profound Mark, the Elder Scrolls Story Thuynder Thuynder