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Groups of people or affiliations.


How Dwemer Technology Works.



Sundas, 31st of Frostfall, 4E 250, or verysoon before the Dinner Party.



The Assassins, the killers of kings, the stealers of souls.

The Profound Marked, at the moment, the most important group, although it is not known why.

Hallins Defenders, although all signs point towards their inevitable deaths.

The Swamp-Champions,  who risked their lives and eternal souls on a quest to save the downtrodden peoples of Black Marsh, recover Azura's Star, and then kill Na-Rek, in that order. RETIRED.

The Shadow-Blessed, who played with what should never be tampered with, but were joined by a mage of unimaginable power who stopped the horrors.


Potential Parties:

The Sunbird Insurgents, or simply The Insurgents, a group of Altmer masters-of-magic. Each a master of their favored school.

The Mythic Vigil, or the Mythical Vigilants, or any variations. Depends which bard will tell the story, that is, if they accomplish their impossible task.

The Aetherium Coalition, an association of mages, for a purpose most would see as too otherworldly, or mad.

The greatest band to have ever been.



The Dinner Party

The Third Battle of Cheydinhal

The Arena, The Trial

When All Hope is Demolished

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